The Vitrine Project

ID15 (Irish Design 2015)

Irish Design 2015 wanted a campaign that would raise public awareness about design and its value. Niamh (copywriter) and I came up with The Vitrine Project an ambient advertising campaign that throws a new light on the fact that design surrounds yet we don’t always see it.

For one day only, glass display cases, akin to those found in a museum, were placed around everyday items and street furniture in Dublin city centre locations, encouraging the public to re-examine what design means.

There is something enthralling about seeing an object that is usually overlooked elevated to a higher status using just a display box, proving that design is all around us but can often become invisible. It is the intention that this project be extended beyond Dublin to continue the conversation on the crucial role that design can play in enhancing our environments. We also handed out stickers to the public encouraging them to engage and place them on designs they like which in turn would start other people looking & considering the design on things differently.

In the Company of Huskies

Creative Director: Jude Healy
Art Director:
Edel Quinn
Niamh Clohessey
Daniel Dowling
Camera & Editing: Alec P Moore
Client Services: Gráinne Kehoe



As an extension to the street vitrines, we encouraged the public to continue the dialogue on seeing design that surrounds. I designed stickers(that don’t leave a horrible residue!) and we asked folk to place them on designs they like, this is turn would cause such items to be looked at differently and considered more.


ID sticker on bin  
Sticker in clontarfBest Ads on TV