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Become Dublin Native

ICAD UpstartsCampaign:
Encourage London hipsters to visit Dublin. Create content that the target market will share online.

Place a series of ‘Irish traps’ to be laid in targetted hipster areas of London. In a nod to the notion of ‘hipster’ itself coming from a myriad of re-appropriated cultural & historical reference points, these traps are a play on the famous hipster traps devised by Jeff Greenspan in the US.

With signposts and graffiti engagers were directed to a pop up ‘Dublin Native’ shop that showcases the best of what Dublin & Ireland has to offer. Full of culture, design & modernity. The content will be targeted to the known interests of hipsters with an emphasis on their penchant for experiencing the local, authentic & native spots in the city. All this would be showcased in a series of beautiful photography that articulate Dublin’s vibrant culture. This pop up shop would also encourage showcase the Dublin Native app that would feature an array of Top Ten Dublin lists, such as Top Ten Places to Have Coffee in Dublin, Top Ten Places to See Great Art, Top Ten Dublin Secrets and so forth. A one stop shop to see Dublin as a native if you like. Hipster native of course.

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