Safe House

Safe House Bank


ICAD UPSTARTS EntrySafe House is a concept bank which i devised as my successful entry to the 2012 ICAD Upstarts Programme. The brief was to tackle the near impossible task of making banking popular to the Irish public again. My idea was to create a new type of bank, which has simple, honest, direct ethics at its core. There is an obvious and entirely understandable mistrust of banking in Ireland at present. So I decided to create a new brand of banking which attempts to break down the perceptions of what modern banking has become. The brand itself is different to what we’re used to; it’s bold, it’s black & white it evokes a sense of security in a building structure that resembles a normal home. With a nod to the past, and how things used to be done, I wanted to reduce banking down to the essence of what it is, without pomp, without jargon without the elements that make people uncomfortable. Crucially drawing attention to the dishonesty and ‘cowboy’ promises and cronyism that led to the economic crisis in Ireland.

In attempting to achieve this goal. I created a currency which carry the banks goals and new values as their emblem.

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